President's Message

Delivering cutting-edge trends from Shibuya to the world.

We aim to become a general entertainment company that grabs the hearts and trends of women.

We started our business in 2007 and joined Connect Holdings Corporation (G Three Holdings Corporation) as a group company in 2011.
Our company name, SBY, derives from Shibuya, a trendy, cutting-edge urban city in Japan.

Situated inside Shibuya 109, known as the symbol of Shibuya, the SBY 109 Shop is our flagship store that operates under the concept of a café for discovering something new. The SBY 109 shop is not simply a retail store—it is a space for sharing the latest information. We seek comprehensive entertainment that grabs and captures the hearts of trend-conscious women. This helps the information and products generated by SBY to be featured in the media, circulation, and other infrastructures for delivery across the country and around the world.

We will continuously strive to develop shops sensitive to safety, security, and trends so that trend-conscious women and their children can utilize our products across several generations.

President : Nobuaki Terao